Traffic Tickets

Traffic infractions are offenses of New York State’s Vehicle & Traffic Law, as defined by Section 155 of that law.  They are basically on par with violations, but just have a different name.  Nearly all traffic tickets are infractions, except for certain higher offenses, such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation or DWI.

The typical consequence of a traffic infraction conviction is a monetary fine, which can range anywhere from $25 for a No license plate ticket to upwards of $1,500 + $750 in DMV fees for a No insurance ticket (not to mention mandatory state surcharges, suspension of your driver license, DMV Assessment Fees, and increase in your insurance).

With such a broad range of fines and other consequences for literally thousands of different sections of the law, it may be difficult for you to fully asses the extent of the traffic charge(s) you are dealing with.  A quick call to an attorney could be much more beneficial and time-saving than trying to research unfamiliar law yourself.

Additionally, by retaining a lawyer to conduct a defense of the charges you may be able to avoid a conviction altogether or accept a favorable plea offer to a lesser charge after negotiations with the prosecution.

Also, in many courts, I can appear on your behalf, saving you precious time and travel expenses.  This is extremely beneficial for all out-of-state or commercial drivers.

Call (716) 852-3600 for a legal consultation.

And check Square for some basic retainer fee listings.

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