Plea offer defined

In most courts, and depending on the factual circumstances of the case, the prosecutor will likely make a plea offer to an alternative or lesser charge (carrying less severe consequences and/or fines) in order to resolve the matter without the need to go to trial.

For example, you might be facing a simple speeding ticket, and either you or your attorney goes to court in order to negotiate with the prosecutor and seek a reduction.  The prosecutor may extend an offer to a reduced speed, or other traffic infraction that carries less fines and points on your license.

Whether or not you should accept an offer and plead guilty to a lesser or alternative charge depends on many things, including your prior criminal history (if any) and the facts of your case.  The final decision to accept or reject an initial offer and to proceed to a trial (or further legal work by your attorney) is something you, and only you, have the power to make, upon the advice of your attorney.

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